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Java 8 OCA/OCP Study Sets


Java Certification Test Preparation Questions


These flashcard test sets are designed to help prepare for the Java 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Exam - Programmer I (Exam 1Z0-808) and also Java 8 Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) Exam - Programmer II (Exam 1Z0-809). Some of the answers to the more challenging questions incorporate a full code 'Step Through' which simulates the program flow of the code. At each stage of the program flow, a detailed explanation is provided. This 'Step Through' method of learning Java is a novel approach which takes advantage of flashcard technology formatting in helping students gain a deeper understanding of the code. The full code 'Step Through' may also help to speed up the process of understanding the core concepts. The format and font style of the question aspect of the test sets are designed to replicate the format of the questions that you would see in the exam. The test sets has been created on Anki and Quizlet which are third party flashcard platforms.  Therefore, in order to use the study sets, you will need to create an account with either of these platforms. The test sets are free of charge. However, if you find them of benefit, you can make a voluntary donation by clicking on the button below.

About Author:

The creator of the flashcards is OCA qualified in Java. They also have an honours degree in computer science and a research masters degree in computer science from University College Cork, Ireland. They have 20 years experience in teaching software development at university level. They have a passion for teaching and understand the challenges faced by students studying coding and Java in particular at various levels. These study sets have taken several years to develop and all of the code samples have been compiled and tested. By practising these study sets on a daily basis, we have every confidence that you will sail through Java! 

Quizlet Platform:

Quizlet is freemium based online study application that allows students to study any topic. Quizlet helps students learn by testing their knowledge of a topic and it also provides metrics on their progress. Click on the links below to view the Java 8 OCA and OCP test sets on the Quizlet platform. In order to use the study sets, you will need to create a free Quizlet account.


Java 8 OCA Test Sets - Quizlet

Java 8 OCP Test Sets - Quizlet

Anki Platform:

Anki is a free (open source) flashcard study application and like Quizlet, it allows students study any topic. Anki is better tailored to the Java test sets when learning on mobile platforms like Android/Apple phones or tablets. 


In order to use the study sets, you will need to create an account and download the Anki application onto your computer. You can also download the application onto your phone via Google Play or the Apple Apps Store. To download the application onto your computer click on the link below: 

Anki Download

 When you have the Anki application downloaded onto your computer, click on the following links, then right click each of the Java Anki files (.apkg files) and download to your computer:


Java 8 OCA Test Sets - Anki

Java 8 OCP Test Sets - Anki


If you find these study sets helpful, please consider donating. To make a one-time payment with PayPal, you can use your credit card or bank account without the need to open an account. There are no additional costs. Simply click on the button below: 


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