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Course Title:

Training in Dragon Speech Recognition for

Leaving Certificate Examinations and Assessments 


Dragon speech recognition is a professional dictation application that is sanctioned for use in the Irish Leaving Certificate and UK A-Level examinations. Developed by Nuance, this software is provided as a reasonable accommodation for students with a recognised handwriting challenge. It enables students to compose their answers by speaking. This can significantly reduce, as far as possible, the impact of writing difficulties on a candidate's  examination performance. In fact, when using this dictation tool, after proper training, a student may be able compose documents up to 3 times faster than typing.


Subject to an initial free assessment, we provide fully comprehensive Dragon speech recognition training to students for use in their written examinations to enable them to maximise their academic potential. 

We also provide training in mind mapping software which can help students to rapidly compose continuous assessments, essays, assignments and fully formatted reports. Indeed, Dragon and mind mapping software can be combined to further enhance the efficiency of work.The skills gained from this training can also maximise the academic potential of a student entering Higher Education (as well as the workplace).

About Instructor:

The instructor has several years experience in training students in the use of professional dictation and mind mapping software. He holds an honours degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Computer Science from University College Cork. He is an Oracle Certified Associate Java Developer. He also undertakes research in the area of Administrative technologies and has presented at international seminars and conferences.

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