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Course Title:

Fundamentals of Assistive Technology in Education 




23 January 2021


11 AM-5 PM (GMT)

Course Overview:

With the increased number of students diagnosed with specific learning differences and the wide variety of assistive technologies recommended to them, there is a clear gap in the technologies recommended and the skills required to train the students in these technologies. This course will help educators gain a core understanding of how these assistive technologies work in order to maximise their students’ academic potential.

Course Contents:

The course will cover the following primary assistive technology areas:

➤ Narration Technologies.

➤ Note-taking Technologies.

➤ Speech Recognition Technologies.

➤ Mind Mapping Technologies.

➤ Mathematics Writing Technology.

Learning Outcomes:

Following the successful completion of this course, participants will have broadened their knowledge of assistive technologies which should enable them to identify suitable technology interventions for students with specific learning differences like dyslexia and dyspraxia. The technologies can also be applied to benefit mainstream teaching and learning. In the case of teachers work, these technologies may significantly reduce time in the composition of lesson plans, reports, research papers and theses.

Participant Requirements:

This is an online training course where participants are required to have a Windows 10 computer, a suitable internet connection, a computer speaker and a microphone. A notebook and pen is also an imperative requirement. 


Prior to the event taking place, there will be a configuration and testing date where the instructor who will guide participants in logging onto the virtual desktops which are used in the practical aspect of the workshop. During the configuration and testing date, if the participant's computer or any aspect of their hardware would be insufficient to meet the needs of the course, the participant in question will receive a full refund.

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About Instructor:

The instructor for the training course has over 10 years experience in teaching assistive technology to audiences from primary to third level education. He holds an honours degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Computer Science from University College Cork, Ireland. He is also an Oracle Certified Associate Java Developer. He undertakes research in the area of assistive technologies and has presented at international seminars and conferences.

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