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Course Title:

Efficient Report Writing with Administration Technologies

Course Overview:

The process of composing reports can be quite time-consuming. In this fast-paced world, it is imperative to meet deadlines in the shortest possible time. This one-day course outlines how to significantly reduce composition time in writing reports using mind map technology and the agile process. The course is fully accredited with Engineers Ireland which is one of the longest established professional bodies in the UK and Ireland.

Learning Objectives:

 On completing this program, participants will be able to:

 ➤ Plan reports in a more effective manner.

 ➤ Auto-generate structured reports and presentations.

 ➤ Swiftly integrate templates when rendering reports.

 ➤ Reduce time in editing and restructuring reports.

 ➤ Be familiar with the functionality of speech recognition technologies and their integration into the report writing process.

 ➤ Be familiar with proofreading tools and their integration into the report writing process.

 ➤ Understand the iterative agile process and its benefits in composing document reports.

Course Format:

This one day training event will incorporate presentations and hands-on practice. Each  participant will be assigned a virtual desktop and will undertake the practical aspect of the course to compose a sample document report of their own. In order to mitigate any unexpected technical challenges, the instructor will organise a testing date with the participants prior to the event taking place.




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About Instructor:

The instructor for the training course has over 10 years experience in training corporate and public clients in the use of business administrative technologies. He holds an honours degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Computer Science from University College Cork, Ireland. He is an Oracle Certified Associate Java Developer and has a passion for teaching technology to all levels. 


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